Live Online Integrated Classes for Class 11 & 12 Engineering (NRI Students)

Package Name : Live Online Integrated Classes for Class 11 & 12 Engineering (NRI Students)

Subjects : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

Validity Period : 30-06-2025

Key Features

       1. Specially designed for the students studying in Gulf Countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE) & Other Countries (like Singapore, Nepal, Bangladesh, US, Canada etc) and preparing for JEE Main & Advance Entrance Exams in India.
2. Additionally it will also benefit students seeking admissions under DASA scheme to the esteemed institutes as given under DASA scheme 2019.
3. Ideal for CBSE/Other Boards students enrolled in Class XI, or about to enter Class XI.
4. Covers Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for XI and XII (Board Exam)

Rs. 155720/--

Rs. 183200.00/-- 15% Off

Package Contains

1. 1655 Hours of Online Classes.
2. 400+ Online Tests.

Course Advantages

1. Access to coaching from qualified Sunshine Education faculty.
2. Builds a strong foundation for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
3. Regular assessment and comparative micro-analysis to aid better preparation.
4.Student progress reports for Parents.
5. Ideal for students to get digital ready for CBT mode of entrance examinations..

Course Features

1.Access recordings of all past classes.
2. Dedicated student mentors for academic concerns, time management & counseling.
3. Instant Doubt Clarification during live classes.

Test Packages

Test Frequency Number of Questions per test Total in 1 year
Daily Tests 4 per week * 15 questions each 350+
Fortnightly Subjective Tests Once every fortnight 75 25
Term Exams Once in 3 months 75 7
Subjective Part and full Tests While school exams As per school papers 7
Mock test papers for XII While Board exams As per school papers 6
All India Sunshine Education Test Series As per Schedule 75 23
Also includes : SMTS, Test series for JEE Main & Advanced, Mock test papers for XII CBSE board Exam

Note:- Schedule may change as per requirement.